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Coaches, get more people to show up and stay!

Growing and nurturing your customers was never easy, you're right! Even if you had tons of experience in doing it, you've always had a hard time to accomplish it, UNTIL NOW. Get to know an easy method with detailed training and START enjoying creating a REAL advantage for YOUR business and WIN big over your competition

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Unlimited Leads & Sales

We help life and self-help coaches to engage audiences 24/7 on autopilot

Social Media

Interact on social media to Generate Free Traffic

Turn your profile into a powerful Leads Funnel

Get Unlimited targeted leads for Free


Leverage Messenger, SMS and Email together with your Facebook Profile and Business Page

Small and large online businesses are generating

900-1500% return on investment

automated chat marketing

We Put Your Company Right In Front of Your Customer

On Their Mobile Phone

It’s never too late to create a bond with your potential customer

If they missed your ad and never bought from you, 
it's not your fault. The more confusing Facebook makes their algorithms, the more they can charge you to run ads

The best solution is to beat the system by offering value to your potential niche before placing an offer in front of them - ask us how!

You will be miles
ahead of your competition as your brand gains traction by getting new customers every day on autopilot

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It's all about saving
Time and Money

Time and Money

In the past, you've spent money to send traffic to your website or offer. If there was no purchase or sign-up, you've had to spend again to target the same traffic to come back

Not anymore! Moving forward, using the strategy we'll share with you, we'll make sure to organically keep you in front of your audience so you won't spend big bucks on traffic ever again!

Once we get you those customers, we'll keep you in front of them at a very low ads spent and we'll be able to re-target them with very specific high impact ads anytime you'd like

Sounds good right?


Direct traffic to your sales funnels to increase visibility on your content and collect primed (warm) leads 


Offer value by regularly posting curated content on your social media and establish a bond with your potential clients


Present an irresistible offer that's low priced and later you can introduce upgrades that they will buy from you on autopilot

Why Choose Us?

You want to build your business so that you can enjoy financial freedom and peace of mind. So do we - our dream is similar

Whatever prevented you from reaching your business goals, it'll be different this time because we're giving you a helping hand to conquer technology, gain positive momentum and start driving sales for your business

Not every business manages to be successful quickly, it's true! But, with the right agency partnership, the right tools and a bespoke conversational marketing solution that is fully automated, success is at your fingertips

The competition in your niche may be fierce, and you may think that you need to have a huge marketing budget to grow your business... we know you can achieve success following a proven strategy and we'll show you how

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What People Say

"An efficient way by which customers can inquire about your services and by which they can ask for details or get in touch directly with the website administrator using a support automation"




Very skilful sales funnels team! Primed Leads significantly increased engagement and leads in a matter of days for us. Everything is automated between our Site, Messenger and Email

Business Trip



Our store was generating sales, but since Alex and his team implemented our Chat Marketing automation, we've lowered our ads cost by 50% while increasing leads generation x3